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Hi, I’m Jess. Owner of Always Catchin. Was born and raised in Cascade Locks, a small city at the heart of the Columbia River Gorge. Having grown up on the banks of the amazing Columbia River, it’s no wonder that I know it like the back of my palm. At age 11, I was already fishing for Salmon at the Columbia River. At 16, I started fishing for Sturgeon (yes, those large ones). Over the next 10 years, I fell in love with taking friends and co-workers fishing— it was priceless to see the excitement on their faces when they caught their first salmon. I loved it so much that I decided to make it my job, and the rest, they say, is history.


The Columbia River Fishing

Columbia river is the largest in the Pacific Northwest, and fourth-largest in North America—flows for 1,200 miles into the Pacific Ocean.

Home to various fish species including salmon, steelhead, sturgeon, walleye, and shad, it’s one of the best locations to have an exciting fishing adventure. Years ago, it was renowned for producing the largest salmon runs in the world, and till today, hosts over a million fishes that spawn in its tributaries; which provides great fishing opportunities all year round.

At Always Catchin’, we offer the best fishing guide experience on the Columbia River. From Buoy 10 (in Astoria) all the way up to the John Day River, for every fish and every season, we know the right places to look and the best methods to use.

Whether you’re in it just to have some angling action… or you’re a tourist out for an adventure… or you’re a family looking to have a fun-filled vacation… or you’re just more particular about the tasty salmon you’ll get to devour (no judgments!)… We are fully capable of catering to your specific needs and desires.

Our boat is a 26ft Alumaweld Formula Vee with a canvas top, which can seat up to 6 people comfortably. For larger groups, more boats can be added (call us for more information on group rates). We also provide all the bait and tackle needed for the trip—all you need to come along with is your fishing license which you can get here, and some food and drinks, and we’re ready to go.

Ready to check ‘’Exciting fishing trip on the Columbia River” off your bucket list? Contact us below and let’s get talking!

Columbia River Salmon Fishing
Salmon is undeniably the most sought-after fish on the Columbia River—and one of our favorites. The Columbia River gets a fair run of Coho salmon from September to November every year. But the Chinook salmon are the largest and most common species in the river, and return in three runs: spring, summer, and fall. Springers make great-tasting fish, even though they run quite smaller than the other salmon runs. They show up around late March and run through May. Summer Chinook are also known as “June Hogs”, describing the time of their arrival and size. They span through June and July. Fall Chinook account for the largest runs, running into hundreds of thousands of salmon, making it the best time in the year to fish. The season starts around August at the Buoy 10 fishery, and extends all the way to October. Busiest, yet most exciting time of the year!

Columbia River Salmon Fishing Guide

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing
These are the largest and strongest freshwater fish in North America, and the Columbia River has the highest population of Sturgeon in the world. The fishery is catch and release (except during limited keeper seasons) but can make for some great angling action. Trophy sturgeon can grow up to 20 feet in length, and can weigh as much as 2000 pounds! It could take over an hour to get fish this big to the boat, and they can really pull… but the fighting part is the exciting part. Sturgeon fishing is available all year round, but the best time to catch the trophy ones is between May and August

Columbia River Sturgeon Fishing Guide

Columbia River Walleye Fishing
Walleye got its name from the milky-looking, opaque pigment found in their eyes which reflect light. It’s also known as Yellow Pike, is one of the tastiest freshwater fishes, and is super fun to catch. Due to the large population in the Columbia River, there are no catch limits. Spring is the best time to get the larger-sized ones who are moving upriver to spawn, and summer is the best time to catch the smaller, eating-sized fish in their numbers.

Columbia River Walleye Fishing Guide

Columbia River Shad Fishing
These seasonal fish make their way up the river to spawn in early summer, from June to July. There are many opportunities to catch them in the Columbia River, and you can catch them by the cooler full, or just for some serious fun rod action. Also, shad spawn may coincide with salmon season, which could make for a great adventure while fishing.

Columbia River Shad Fishing Guide



These are the boat ramps we use for our trips, in order of most used:

-Cascaded Locks

-Fishery Inc Boat Ramp (below Bonneville dam)

-M. James Gleason (Portland)

-Giles French Park (Rufus)

-St. Helens Marina

-West Basin Moorage (Astoria – Buoy 10)

-Jon Strom Park (Oregon city)

-Scappoose Bay Marina (Scappoose)

-Hammond Marina (Astoria – Buoy 10)


Only for wind. Sometimes it gets too windy and that makes the river very rough. Only then do we cancel—or reschedule— the trip. We still fish in rain and cool temperatures so make sure to dress accordingly.

We take care of you. You can sit back and relax while we clean your catch and place them into Ziploc bags so you can take them home.

Fishing trips cost $250.00 per individual and a $100 deposit is required at booking. Our trips span for an adventurous duration of 8 hours, so you can be sure you’re getting value for your money.

Six people can be on a boat at a time. We do cater to large groups by adding more boats to the trip.

We fish mostly on the Columbia River and that depends on where the fishing is the best. We fish from John Day River to the Coast near Astoria. We also fish in the Willamette River in Portland in the springtime for Salmon.

We fish for Salmon, Sturgeon, Shad, and Walleye.
  • Columbia river salmon fishing
  • Chinook salmon fishing
  • Columbia river walleye fishing
  • Columbia river sturgeon fishing
  • Columbia river shad fishing
Most fishing is seasonal, so check in on what time is best.

Different types of fishing have different catch rates and they can also change based on the time of the year. Some fishing can be only catch and release (like sturgeon).

No, we will provide all the bait and tackle needed for the trip. All you need to bring is a fishing license, and we are ready to go fishing.

You can purchase them online from the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife or Washington Fish and Wildlife. Both licenses are good while fishing on the Columbia River.

No, there is no age requirement. Some kids can handle long trips and some cannot. I love taking kids shad fishing or sturgeon fishing as these trips are very action-packed and we can keep them busy. Salmon fishing and walleye fishing are good, but depending on your child it could be a long trip for them.

Sorry, we do not offer any discounts for adults or children.

We do not have a bathroom on the boat. We do have urinals if that works for you, but we are not far from most docks so it is easy to return to the shore if we need a break.

Looking to gift a trip to a friend, family, or loved one? We offer gift certificates.