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The Best Columbia River Walleye Fishing Guide

Walleye Fishing

Though they are not native to the river, the Columbia has a high amount of walleye, making it a great location for walleye fishing. The fish got its name from the milky-looking, opaque pigment found in their eyes which reflect light. This feature can serve as an advantage in fishing as it helps to spot them, especially when it’s dark. Walleye is also known as Yellow Pike, is one of the tastiest freshwater fishes, and is super fun to catch.


Due to the large population in the Columbia River, there is no catch limit. By April till May, the larger-sized walleye are moving upriver to spawn, so if you are aiming to catch the big ones, this is the best time to fish. The large pre-spawn walleye are usually female and move shallower than the males. They start to spawn at a temperature range of 38-45 degrees.


A great place to fish then is below the John Day Dam. Many trophy-size walleye have been caught in this location.


After the spawning season, we start fishing for them in the summer. Beginning from June, you can catch the smaller, eating-sized fish in their numbers. During this time we are in the Rufus area of the Dalles pool. This area is an excellent place to fish as it has a very large population of walleye on the Columbia River. May and June are the best times to fish here.


Walleye tend to travel in schools, so once you catch one, you can be sure that there are others around.


The best way to get Columbia River Walleye is to troll using a combination of bottom bouncer weight and a spinner with a worm harness. These fish live and feed at the bottom of the river, so it is essential for your bait to get to the bottom.


At Always Catchin’, we offer the best walleye fishing guide experience on the Columbia River. From Buoy 10 (in Astoria) all the way up to the John Day River, we know the right places to look and the best methods to use.

Whether you’re in it just to have some angling action… or you’re a tourist out for an adventure… or you’re a family looking to have a fun-filled vacation… or you’re just more particular about the tasty filet you’ll get to devour (no judgments!)… We are fully capable of catering to your specific needs and desires.


Our boat is a 26ft. Alumaweld Formula Vee with a canvas top, which can seat up to 6 people comfortably. For larger groups, more boats can be added (call us for more information on group rates). We also provide all the bait and tackle needed for the trip—all you need to come along with is your fishing license which you can get here, some food and drinks, and we’re ready to go.


A trip with us includes:


  • 8 Hours of guided fishing at the best locations.
  • 26 ft. Alumaweld Formula Vee with a canvas top, so you’re protected if the weather turns sour.
  • Provision of fuel, tackle and bait for the whole trip.
  • Practical tips on how to fish the area.
  • Tailored packages to suit your needs.
  • Experienced guides who have been fishing for years on the Columbia River.
  • We even clean and filet your catch and provide Ziploc bags to take them home in!


Ready to have your Columbia walleye fishing adventure? Book your trip with us here and we’ll get back to you immediately, or give us a call at 541-375-0717.

Looking to gift a trip to a friend, family, or loved one? We offer gift certificates.

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