Fishing Licenses For Oregon And Washington

Where and how to get your fishing license for Oregon and Washington.

All you need to know with links to ODFW and WDFW.

Everyone will need a fishing license. Either Oregon or Washington licenses are good for the Columbia River only. Washington licenses are not valid on Oregon’s rivers.

2 boys reeling oversize Sturgeon using their whole body, and the boat
Oregon Fishing Licenses ODFW
3 guys reeling together an oversize sturgeon
Washington Fishing Licenses WDFW

Youth Fishing for Oregon

To fish for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and Pacific halibut

  • Youth 11 and younger need a FREE Youth Angling License and must purchase a Juvenile Combined Angling Tag.
  • Youth 12 to 17 must purchase a Youth License and a Juvenile Combined Angling Tag. $10

Here is a link where you can buy your Oregon youth or adult license online. (This option requires you to print out your license. Do not choose this option if you do not have a way to print.)  From here you need to purchase the one-day fishing license, the second option from the left.  Add it to your cart.  When you click the add button, a popup window will suggest the Columbia River Endorsement for $1., click Add.  You will need to get one of each for every person fishing (the one-day license and the Columbia endorsement per person).  Click “Proceed to checkout” to fill out your information. When you scroll to the bottom of the page to fill out your information, it gives you the option to add another customer.  This allows you to add as many people as you need for your trip.  The total should be $24 per person.  Make sure you date them for the day we will be fishing. You will be able to print them at the end of the process.  The state will not send you anything by mail.  

You can also download the free app “MyODFW” onto any smartphone and purchase your license there.  It will be stored electronically on you phone in the app for easy access, and you won’t have to remember a hard copy since our phones are always with us.  This app is available through the google and apple app stores. 

Google app store:

Apple app store:

Oregon Fishing License Fee’s


  • 1-day angling Oregon Fishing License: $23 (total:$24)
  • 2-day angling Oregon Fishing License: $42 (total:$44)
  • 3-day angling Oregon Fishing License: $59.50 (total:$62:50)
  • Youth Oregon Fishing License (12-17): $10 (total:$11)
  • Columbia River Endorsement: $1 (add this to each license purchased (and for each day)-for Oregon only)

Kids 14 and under Washington

 A license is required in order to receive a Catch Record Card. A Combination license and the first Catch Record Card are free for kids Age 14 and under. Kids Age 15 will pay a reduced fee of $8.05 for a Combination license and the first Catch Record Card is free. Anyone Age 16+ will pay the full adult rate.

Adult Licenses

For Washington license, this is only good with us when we are fishing on the Columbia River.  We are not a Washington State guide, and are unable to pick people up on the Washington side either.  For Washington license information, go to: .  If you choose to buy your Washington license online, you must wait for them to mail you your license. Washington will not allow you to print your license out yourself.  If you are unable to wait the 10 days to receive your license in the mail, please choose one of the Oregon options, or get your license in person at participating dealers.  Many stores like Bi-Mart, Walmart and Fred Meyer sell them.  The Day licenses are $20.15.


Getting a Washington license may be easier in person, especially if you are within 10-15 days of your fishing trip. Most of our dealers near Cascade Locks have closed for Oregon, so if you are fishing the Columbia River here in the gorge, there are 3 Washington dealers that are nearby.  They also have many fun activities, places to eat, disc golf, hot springs, etc.

Closest is:

  • Main Street Convenience

         333 Rock Creek Dr. Stevenson, WA (509)427-5653

East of Main Street along Hwy SR14

  • Home Valley General LLC

         50151 State Hwy 14 Stevenson, WA (509)427-4015

West of Main Street is another community called North Bonneville.  They have a gas station, food, disc golf, etc.

  • North Bonneville Food Mart

         51 W Cascade Dr. Bonneville, WA (509)427-4505

There are 2 bridges that connect Washington and Oregon that get used a lot.  They are both Toll Bridges.  1 is our bridge, The Bridge of the Gods here in Cascade Locks.  In Hood river, there is another called the Hood River Bridge.  If you are on the Washington side, closer to the Hood River bridge, there is another community called Carson.  They have food, hot springs, and other fun activities.  You can get a license at:

  • Wind River Market & Gas

        11 Carson Frontage Rd. Carson, WA (509)427-5565

The Day licenses are $20.15.

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